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“We are a product of the decisions we make, not the circumstances we face." – Roger Crawford

Updated: May 29, 2022

Every day in our life, there are opportunities to make decisions that will push us beyond our perceived limitations. Whatever our situation is, recognizing that we have a choice in why we are here and what is happening to us is critical to our happiness. Our decisions may not always create the results we intend, but at least we will have made a choice. And it will be ours!!

But…..sometimes it’s just not possible to achieve this alone. We may be stock for a multitude of reasons. And reading or hearing people repeating that it’s just all in our hands, we have to decide to be happy, we have to change this and that, make us feel as if we must be weak, there must be something wrong with us, we must be the only one struggling.

Well there is NOTHING WRONG with asking for support. On the contrary! In my opinion, it is proof of strength and determination. I truly think the most important gift I have given myself in the course of my life is selfcare, self awareness, the opportunity to mend my heart and look into my soul. It has come in different forms, but my own TIR sessions have been the main source of the well-being I experience today.

If you are going through a hard time, I wish you to find what will support you while you work to heal yourself.

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