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C: communion

R: reactions

I: integration

S: safety

I: information

S: support

At the end of this 15-hour training, you will be a Trained Facilitator.

If you are in the field of 'receiving' people when they just went through something difficult or you're in the field of listening and/or helphing people. If people confide in you when something difficult happens to them, either a bad news, a scared or a disaster, and you have a desire to help others, you will finally have the tools to help them move from reactive mode, to being able to respond to the situation and get on with their job or their life!​

Critical Incident Stress Integration & Support (CRISIS) training provides the knowledge and skills required to use this person centered, step by step process.

  • Provides an immediate response for people in distress

  • Improves social connectedness

  • Focuses on subjective reactions rather than event type

  • Provides support for adverse life events not usually considered traumatic

  • Empowers clients to re establish stability, after a destabilizing event

  • Enhances natural recovery

  • Provides an opportunity to consider the need for further support

This technique will be useful to a wide variety of support personnel to help anyone who has experienced a potentially overwhelming incident/event or situation. It is equally applicable to victims of disasters, to crisis responders themselves, or in any peer support practices.​

The CRISIS Schema® is a psychosocial system of support, and therefore considered to be non clinical.

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CRISIS Schema training April 2023









It is simply a way of providing a powerful and supportive conversation designed to enhance and support natural processing and recovery. Within the CRISIS Schema®, there is no analysis, interpretation, judgment or labeling. There is no diagnostic approach. Neither can the CRISIS Schema® be considered to be a form of ‘debriefing’. 

By training as facilitators, you will be able to spot the signs of traumatic reactions, and have the skills with which to provide timely and effective support.

Where can the CRISIS Schema® be useful other than personally?

  • Voluntary agencies

  • Business

  • Social work

  • Emergency services

  • Post terror/disaster recovery

  •  Community groups

  • Clinical services

  • Local authorities

  • Criminal justice

  •  Travel industry

  • Manufacture

  • Construction

  • Education


495 $ / person + HST

(Discount for group of 10)

LOCATION: on line or in person

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