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The characteristics of Applied Metapsychology

Applied Metapsychology (AMP or what we like to call TIR) is a modality that will empower you. It’s an organized and thorough exploration of your mental environment. We look at what’s impacting you and what has impacted you and we face it and deal with it piece by piece.

  • It releases mental and emotional charge in order to arrive at a resolution;

  • You will gain relief and awareness;

  • You will be training your mind to get back in control;

  • You will restore your ability, your creativity and your control

It is one of the few help methods that has a planification. It is a tailored-to-the-client case plan for addressing all the issues and concerns that are grabbing your attention and impeding success

The 6 main characteristics of AMP

  1. Person centered: You (the viewer/client) are always right, never contradicted, never interrupted. The facilitator never interprets or rephrases what is being said and only acknowledges what is being said without judgment. You arrive at your own realizations, conclusions, insights, decisions, etc. without any of those being imposed by the practitioner.

  2. Uses specific techniques: AMP uses structured techniques, mostly repetitive questions which allows you to go deeper in your awareness and your memory and you may then recollect details that have been suppressed. By doing so, the emotional charge is reduced.

  3. Self determined: You determine what you want to work on and you are encouraged to follow your mind.

  4. Non hierarchical; The practitioner doesn’t know more than you what is good for yourself, how you should think or how you should feel. You have the answers inside of you;

  5. No fixed length: The duration of the sessions vary between 1 hour and 2 hours. The end of the session is determined by your state of mind. We are looking for a good end point, a positive indicator;

  6. Consultation: The practitioner could also provide informations, resources, make workable plans, assist in dealing with the outer world, make life action plans, info gathering or give specific strategies and explanations only if you ask.

You can book your appointement by clicking TIR below. If you have questions or want to hear more about this modality, reserve your free one hour consultation with me.

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