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My Journey with TIR (applied metapsychology)

by Alicia Maynard

I've just finished my TIR journey with Gina Michaud as a facilitator and I’d like to share with you what I’ve gained by doing this amazing work. All the items that were on my case plan(1) following my intake interview have been resolved and I am free from emotional charges related to my past. I’ve had many traumas in the past and when I first started, I’ve told as much to Gina. The trust was quickly established and it was a real partnership.

I came to realize that I was carrying this heavy chain of painful events without knowing I was doing so. Since I was a child, I kept with me all the traumas, the fear, the insecurities, the uncertainty, the mistrust and I didn’t know how to get rid of them. The Unblocking(2) technique among others has made me see the connections between what happened to me and the survival behaviors I’d developed. Becoming aware of them, understanding where they came from and that I didn’t need them anymore, has allowed me to shed them and be free.

As I’ve shed the weight of the past I was carrying with me, it made room for positive things in my life and more selfcare. I’m comfortable with my past and who I am. As a partner, if I feel fear, I’m able to recognize it and this is not the little girl who reacts and makes things worse. My relationship is amazing because of that. As for being a mom, I can say that today, I parent without guilt. Even at work, I’m able to not take on what is not mine and I’ve learned to speak my truth in an assertive way without being offensive to others.

I’ve been participating in group therapy and intensive counselling for sex abuse. Even with the help of these methods, I would not have arrived as quickly at the results that TIR gave me. I wonder if I ever would have. TIR allows your body and brain to throw out the stuff you don’t need anymore. I hadn’t done that in any other modality. Another valuable point is that you never finish a session ‘raw’. Gina has always made sure that I was in a good state of mind. We would finish with questions bringing on good memories or some kind of grounding if necessary.

Gina sometimes took on the role of consultant when I wanted information, to achieve a goal or to have tools. I still use some of them in my day to day life.

  1. Case plan: the written plan of specific techniques designed to accomplish the viewer’s goals for viewing. A case plan is based on data provided by the viewer (client), usually in an interview.

  2. Unblocking: A technique in which a number of mental blocks on a certain issue are addressed repetitively until emotional charge has been reduced and awareness increased on that subject.

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