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You have to accept...... Take a moment to complete the sentence with what is bothering you, what you hear people say about acceptance, etc.

Um, as if it's not our wish to completely accept what we can't change! Why then do we not always get there so easily?

There are many barriers that can get in the way of acceptance.

  • We believe that accepting a difficult event is like minimizing its magnitude or giving our approval;

  • Emotions get in the way; sadness, anger, rage, shame, etc;

  • We don't know how to get through it, we don't know how to tap into the skills we need to get through it

  • .....

But…. Do we sometimes say that we accept a situation in order not to have to change anything? To not have to make decisions? So that we don't have to take difficult actions? You know, that thin line between what cannot be changed and what is in our hands?

During TIR sessions, we remove the emotional charge related to the element to be accepted: regrets, unmet expectations, unspoken words and those not spoken by the other person and that we hoped for, repressed emotions, etc.

After this work is completed, one can see this item as part of one's life or past, recognizing it but without the resistance and barriers to complete and sincere acceptance.

One also realizes what is not to be accepted and by doing so, it is possible to make decisions and changes to the situation if necessary.

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