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Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) can improve or even eliminate for most people the negative impact of traumatic events and painful incidents; the loss of a loved one, a serious conflict, a separation, a car accident, a form of abuse, etc. The consequences are often anxiety, anger, irritability or other unwanted or unexplained emotions.

Stress Reduction (Life Stress Reduction - LSR) is a complementary approach that allows the person to reduce emotional suffering and bring greater clarity and comfort in difficulties: complicated relationships, lack of self-confidence, problems of work and career, financial problems, health concerns, anxiety, fear of the future.

TIR is a brief, simple one-on-one method for removing the negative effects of past traumatic events within a person-centered context. For more information on the modality of Traumatic Incident Reduction please visit



Life is made of ‘times when’. Imagine each of those times as an activity cycle.  Each cycle has an intention: to have fun, to be loved, to be safe, to succeed, go somewhere, etc. Finishing, closing the cycle is crucial. We do poorly when we have many incomplete cycles. Fulfilling the intention is one way of completing the cycle. We can also consciously end the intention. TIR is another way of closing the cycles.  It helps recover full awareness of the incidents and any intentions you may have formulated during it and to let go of the incident. It becomes no longer unfinished business and no longer traumatic.


*Please note that appointments will be held online, at paroisse St-Jérôme (for the parishioner of this church, and at Résidence Richelieu (for the residents).

Ce service est également  offert en français

Trauma Services Specialist

Mental health practitioner

Certified Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator (CTIRF)

Certified Trauma Services Specialist

Life Stress Reduction Facilitator (LSR)

CRISIS Schema Faciitator and Trainer (CRitical Incident Stress Integration & Support)

Teacher;  member of the Ontario College of Teachers

Qualification for school management (School Principal)

Certified in conflict management at work by the mediation training institute international.

Gina has spent many years as an educational leader in a school board (school district) where the personal and professional growth of her team members was at the heart of her work, as well as making sure that those working under her leadership discover their own strengths and leadership.

She is now dedicated to helping people reduce stress and trauma and she is in her element when she can share strategies that can be useful in everyday life.  Empowering people has always been her passion as well as supporting them, helping them grow and feeling good about themselves and their relationships.  

Now, in addition to offering conferences and workshops, Gina has her own business. She is the owner of Gina Michaud TIR. She offers one-on-one help to her clients primarily using the Applied Metapsychology modality.  In doing so, she helps people who have experienced or are currently experiencing something difficult or who are carrying unwanted emotions to find peace of mind and well-being.

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About Gina Michaud

Sessions and cancellation policy

Sessions are booked for 1.5 hours. However the session can end either sooner or later, depending on the need of the client. The client will only pay for the time that is used but for a minimum of 1 hour. Session rates as of today’s date are $70 | hour + GST/HST.

48 hours notice is required for cancellation. If the client cancels with less than 48 hours notice, a $35 cancellation fee is charged and the client may not receive another session until this fee is paid. Cancellations are done online via the confirmation email the client receives when booking the appointment. Please do not delete these confirmation emails. No-show appointments are charged the full rate for the session missed.

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