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Where do my challenges come from? Possible solution?

Often the problems experienced in life come from painful incidents; the loss of a loved one, a serious conflict, a separation, a car accident, some form of abuse and so on. Such traumas may eventually lead to other problems such as anxiety, anger, bereavement, irritability, or other unwanted or unexplained emotions. In any case, the impact of negative incidents can affect us for a long time, even for the rest of our life.

….Working in a person-centered context, something is traumatic if a client says that it is. The facilitator does not judge or evaluate the client’s experience. It is an incident that is wholly or partially repressed and that contains a greater or lesser degree of pain, felt, created, or received, and contains emotional charge. (Glossary of Applied Metapsychology International)

Today, there is an exciting modality which is having successful results. Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR), when applied correctly, improves or eliminates the negative impact of past traumatic events for most people. TIR is a one-on-one, person-centred method based on a structured form of communication under the guidance of a trained practitioner who uses the appropriate and proven techniques.

To find out if TIR can help you or a loved one, visit and take advantage of a free consultation. Gina is a certified TIR facilitator, Life Stress Reduction Facilitator, and a retired teacher, Director of Curriculum and Student Success Leader.

Please note that the sessions are being held online only, so no matter where you live, you can benefit from my services.

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