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One of my favorite quotes from Melody Beattie's book 'The language of letting go' is this one:

‘There’s a good trick that people in dysfunctional relationships use,....The other person does something inappropriate or wrong, then stands there until you feel guilty and end up apologizing.’

Guilt is an insidious feeling. It can settle not far away in the pit of our stomach, waiting, and show itself unjustifiably.

Try to catch yourself when you get this feeling and do this:


ask yourself:

✔did I do something hurtful, mean?

✔did I do something that goes against my moral code

✔did I do something that goes against my own values

If you answer NO to those questions, then you might find the capacity to not apologize for something someone else did.

If you would like to let go of guilt and learn more ways toward assertiveness, consider booking TIR sessions with me

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